Tips to Improve Dental Office Management

“Dentistry is not expensive; neglect is.” This a popular proverb that dentists quote to patients who neglect regular dental check-ups. Yet, these same dentists may be guilty of similar neglect when it comes to their office management procedures. A few important changes in office management procedures can result in a much more profitable dental practice.

First, the wise dentist will track his level of productivity. Productivity is the main driver of a dentist’s overhead costs. Several items are a part of this overhead such as employee salaries and benefits, clinical materials and equipment, administrative services, and infrastructure costs. The reason productivity drives the overhead is that the ability and capacity to be productive requires certain expenditures. Specifically, a dentist needs to be aware of his gross productivity and his net productivity. His gross productivity is the complete number of procedures and services he provides. His net productivity is the completed services for which he receives payment. Dental practice experts, Schwartz Consulting Group recommend that local practices aim for the a difference of 4% between the net and gross productivity figures. When a dentist keeps track of these numbers, he is able to know which way his practice is headed–to profit or loss.

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A second practice of good office management is placing high value on employees and staff. Though it is common from a financial perspective to view employees as an expense, it is better to see employees as an investment. The first view will lead a dentist to seek to hire staff at the lowest salary possible, so that his expenses are lowered. The second view will lead a dentist to seek quality employees who will be a good investment for his practice. Though experienced, good employees will cost a dentist more money, they will enhance his office’s efficiency and profitability. Even the least skilled employee, the office receptionist, should be considered an important investment, as she is the first and last person the client interacts with in the office. An experience and talented receptionist can leave a lasting good impression on clients and enhance the practice’s reputation.

A third important dental office management practice is the implementation of proactive policies to enhance collection of charges due the dentist. Several simple steps can help accomplish this delicate issue. First, clerical staff should be trained to ask each client for full payment of services rendered at that visit. This alone will decrease the amount of outstanding charges for a practice. Next, the office should send out a 90 day letter to a patient when the payment is still unpaid. This letter should be a gentle reminder of the unpaid balance, and request a response from the client in a multiple choice format, i.e. “Please check the appropriate box.” The options should be for full payment, partial payment with arrangements to complete it, and even an option for patient to contest the bill’s validity (when this is the patient’s chosen response, the office should contact them immediately).

Another practice important for successful office management is periodic review of clients to insure they are a good match for the particular office’s business model. When a client is identified as a poor match, they should be discharged from the practice. Such clients would be those who are non-compliant, belligerent to staff, chronically delinquent in paying charges, or abusive of cancellation policies. The latter type of client can be very costly to a dental practice as they cause an open spot in the schedule. If a normal check-up costs $200, and cancellations cause one open spot a day, that could amount to $42,000 listed revenue a year. The dental practice should send a discharge letter to such clients, giving them 30 days notice to find another dentist, assuring the client during that month the dentist will still see them for emergency needs.

“Every tooth in a man’s head is more valuable than a diamond, ” said Cervantes. In the same way, each of these simple tips will be of great value when used to improve dental office management.

Cosmetic Dentistry The Changing Face Of Our Smiles

Cosmetic Dental care The Altering Face Of Our Smiles

There are a great deal of people who are discontented with their search in the globe nowadays. Lots of people’s teeth could have been unpleasant for all of their lives; while others teeth might have grown unappealing due to aging. For many reasons, people have chosen to explore aesthetic dental care as the option to their unsightly teeth.

Aesthetic dentistry could be thought about a dental facelift. It aims to transform a person’s look so they look much better and also feel even more certain. Often dentists utilize a combo of dental braces as well as porcelain veneers making teeth look much better.

Porcelain veneers replace your existing tooth with a far better looking one. The Porcelain Laminate Veneers are particularly made porcelain wafers that could be put over your teeth so they look brand-new as well as white. They come in a selection of shades to match the shade of your teeth.

Veneers are also able to remedy unattractive smiles, reverse the effects of expanding and aging, and also make your teeth whiter. A lot of haute couture film stars use veneers to keep that perfect smile. You could pick from passing and permanent veneers, relying on your unique scenario. People usually wear the evanescent veneers as the long-term ones. When it pertains to the price, veneers normally cost several thousand bucks each, depending on the quantity of teeth that need adjustment.

Tooth lightening is another extremely trendy means to alter the look of your teeth. There are in fact two types of lightening.

1. First is the at-home bleaching which uses about 10 to 20% carbamine peroxide. Perceptions of the patient’s mouth are made in order to make trays of the teeth. The trays are fitted in the you’s mouth and hold the carbamine peroxide gel in position on the teeth to be worn throughout sleep. Time: 1 to 6 weeks.

2.In-office brightening makes use of a high strength light together with 35% hydrogen peroxide. With this, the client’s periodontals are safeguarded and also the whitening procedure can be finished in just a hr.

Aesthetic dentistry additionally supplies the best help for the “gummy” smile, a gum– lift. This process could eliminate periodontals in order to make teeth appear longer as well as enhance the smile. Jagged periodontal lines could make the teeth appear as if they go to different levels and also sizes, additionally creating an unappealing smile.

This treatment in aesthetic dentistry is quick, and also people feel no discomfort or perhaps any unwell effects. Now that you recognize the ways to boost your smile, the following point you have to do is to find the best doctor in your area to make sure that you could be on your means to a winning smile.

Reducing Stress For Better Dental Health

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Your teeth are among the most valuable part of the Human Body. Not only does it enhances your appearance, but it can also promote good oral health as well.

Sadly, though, many persons do not fully appreciate this. They often damage their teeth by not maintaining simple oral hygiene, among other factors, such as alcohol and drug abuse. The end result is that over a period of time the teeth can begin to erode and fall out, which does not beautify one’s appearance and can even endanger their oral heath and life as well.

But there is another important factor that most people do not consider is the cause of poor dental health: stress. Yes, stress is another major cause why many persons are plagued with serious dental-related issues.

How can stress be the cause of poor dental health? It is noteworthy that in recent times, more and more doctors are linking poor oral health to stress. We all encounter stress; some stress is even good for the body, but prolonged stress can be dangerous, not just to our heart, which many people tend to assume, but also our teeth, which most people either are unaware of or they may be ignorant of such a fact.

How, specifically, can stress affect our oral health? In various ways. What are those various ways? It can cause such oral-related conditions such as:

-Canker Sores: These are sores in the mouth, which can be very painful

-Bruxism: Bruxism is the grinding of the teeth; this can lead to eventual tooth damage. Some dentists have prescribed a night guard to protect one’s teeth from the above condition

-Dry Mouth: This is when the mouth doe not produce enough saliva; this can cause chronic dryness of the mouth. Of course, this does not necessarily mean that stress is a factor; side effects from certain medications can also be a problem.

-Burning Mouth Syndrome: This is a condition in which a person feels a burning sensation of the mouth,tongue, lips or gums.

-Gum Disease: This is a dental disease in which the person can develop bad breath, which can be due to stress, but it can also be the result of poor dental hygiene as well.

So, caring for one’s teeth is a matter of the utmost importance. By allowing stressful situations dominate our lives, in the long run it can have a detrimental effect, not just on our oral or dental health, it can also endanger our lives. For instance, many dentists now realize that not properly caring for one’s teeth can also lead to heart attacks. The germs in one’s teeth can travel into the bloodstream, which can collect or build up over a period of time, eventually blocking the arteries connected to the aorta, which is connected to the heart, leading to myocardial infarction, otherwise known as a heart attack.

How can one reduce stress to promote good dental health? One powerful factor to this end is to refrain from the use of tobacco and alcohol, which many dentists acknowledge leads to such problems. Another is to avoid engaging in overly stressful activities. And above all, also remember to brush and floss regularly. It also helps to see your dentist regularly as well.

Good dental health-the only person that can maintain it is you.

Contributed courtesy of Mark J Andrews DDS, a cosmetic and restorative dentist located in Cary, North Carolina. 

Online Dental Reviews: How Important Are They?

dental reviews

Dentist reviews will put your worries relaxed. Dentist reviews provides you with valuable information for that dental professionals locally and round the world. Online reviews will show you what you can expect when you look at the dental professionals in your area. Don’t spend your hard-earned money and waste your time on the bad dentist. Read the reviews online prior to you making that first appointment.

You will learn much from dentist reviews. As an illustration, online reviews can tell you which dentists charge inexpensive price points, what their work hours are, and exactly how patients are treated. Online reviews can also tell you what individuals think about their office staff, how busy their office is, and exactly how long waiting for times are. Online reviews will allow you to locate a talented and trustworthy dental professional, in order that they count looking into.

If you have a poor experience whenever you search for a dentist, you may also publish your individual review online. Should you develop a review online, whether it’s negative or positive, you’ll help someone else find the best dental provider.

Once you see the dentist online reviews, ensure you look into the dentist ratings. The dentists in your area are being rated over a scale of just one to 5, with 5 being the very best. Remember that if you choose a dentist that has a Five star rating, you will have a better experience. Dentist reviews and ratings will assist you to locate a dentist to suit your high standards, and yes it only requires a matter of minutes to analyze such information online.

When you pick a dentist, build your first appointment. When you speak to the dentist face-to-face, you will need to determine if he or she is an excellent match for you. Ensure you go with a dental provider who treats his patients with respect. The method that you are treated needs to be above anything else. Someone that loves his patients will take some time to spell out things in a kind manner. Don’t check out a dentist who will not spend the required time together with you or maybe your children. Do not forget that you are not hunting for a new outfit, you’re looking for a dependable dentist who are able to care for you for countless years ahead.

The dentist you hire should be focused on training and education. You must look for a dentist that is certified by ADA. The harder experience, education, and training a dentist has, the greater job he can do with regards to handling your dental health.

You may also want to consider looking up the dentists with the Ddd. Determine if any complaints are already filed for the dentists where you live or city. This is the fantastic way to weed out some of the undesirable dental providers in the area. In case you try these tips to check out the internet ratings and reviews online, you’ll find an expert that can provide you with top-quality dental hygiene throughout your health.