The Vital Role of Dental Assistants in Your Dental Treatment

Dental Assistance During Your Dental Procedure

You’re wondering who that is helping the dentist during your dentist appointment. Before and after your treatment, they can be seen getting your room ready, getting the necessary tools, and performing simple procedures. The goal, is to help the dentist with anything he requires assistance with. In fact, a dental assistant can be used in a hospital setting for emergencies. They are the people that interact with you in the professional setting of the dentist office. They have a strong communication network with the staff and the clients. Therefore, they are great when it comes to laying down the linguistics of your dental procedure.

What Does A Dental Assistance Do During Dental Procedures:

Ironically, the dental assistant is the one who arranged your appointment and assessed you to find out what dental procedure was needed. The day of the procedure, they are responsible for prepping you and your room, with the necessary dental equipment. If X-rays or other procedures are needed, they may assist the dentist in those procedures, as well. For example, a dental assistant can administer oral impressions, combat infection (by maintaining the equipment), teach patients proper oral care, and more. Often times, you’ll have a more personal relationship with the dental assistant because the dentist is busy.

If you have any questions about your procedure, an assistant can give you all the necessary information. A part of their responsibility during your dental treatment is to make the patients feel comfortable. A dental procedure can be a scary event for a child or adult. A dental assistant works especially well with children during a dental procedure. They strive to keep them calm and relaxed during the procedure, along with the dentist.

Another term for what a dental assistant does is, “chair side assistance.” This is a day to day procedure with each of their patients. They get the advance preparations for your procedure ready. Often times, this includes getting a tray or a kit ready for your procedure. A kit will include, bonding agents, mirror, cotton rolls/pliers, polishing paste, mouth mirror, and more. Your tray will include different utensils for different procedures.

Remember, the dental assistant has to know your dental procedure to be able to have the right tools ready for the dentist. During your procedure, the dental assist may assist with the use of some of the tools for the dentist. The tool most used by a dental assist during your procedure will be the suction to keep the fluid out of your mouth. A dental assistant will make sure everything goes over well for you and the dentist. They are available for any questions patients have have after the dental procedure, also.

Contributed, with permission, from Sunrise School of Dental Assisting. Be sure to visit their website for the latest Dental Assistant class schedules.